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fishing stage

Fishing Stage

Our charming Outport communities reflect a unhurried rural lifestyle deeply rooted in tradition. You will find a variety of services and attractions that have been established with the traveler in mind. From museums that tell of a rich history of early settlement centered around the north Atlantic fishery to modern state-of-the-art facilities that display the reconstructed skeletons of natures Marine mammoths.

Restaurants offer traditional and modern meals in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Our seafood is the best there is, harvested fresh daily from our clear clean waters.

Kings Point in autumn colors

Kings Point

Harry′s Harbour in spring

Harry's Harbour


There are a number of museums opened seasonally, including the JT upward Museum in Harry's Harbour, the Heritage Museum in Kings Point and the Harvey Grant Museum in Springdale. The Mainmast Museum in Springdale at the waterfront was featured on an episode of Land and Sea.


Be sure to visit By the Sea Café on the Kings Point waterfront, an open air café specializing in seafood. The larger service center of Springdale has a number of fine dining facilities. The Iceberg Alley Diner at the Baie Verte Junction is known for its traditional meals and locally sourced ingredients.


The Kings Point waterfront is triply blessed with a pottery and craft store representing the work of many of the fine crafts people across the province and the Maritimes. Conveniently located within walking distance of museums and dining. The Alexander Murray trail has a gift shop with many interesting items supplied by local people. Brishney Crafts, at the Springdale Junction also provides tourist information.


The Humpback Whale Pavilion is located at the waters edge in Kings Point. While there check out a reconstructed Atlantic White Sided Dolphin skelton at Kings Point Pottery and Gift Shop. Humpbacks overwinter along our coast and are frequently encountered by fishermen. Learn more about these magnificent creatures and their significance to our culture through a series of interpretive panels. With any luck you'll get to witness their grace and power firsthand in the wild. A sister Sperm Whale Pavilion can be found in the town of Triton which is in the Halls Bay South area.

Heritage Center

Heritage Center


Humpback Whale Pavilion

Whale Pavilion

Kings Point

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